Meet Our Team

Just some of the stars behind it all.

Owner of Cosmic Flips. An out-of-the-box thinker, who loves helping people make money.
Owner of Cosmic Flips. Been in the reselling scene for almost 8 years and is heavily involved with price errors/freebies.
Owner of Cosmic Flips. A true hustler who can excel in any space and loves to provide people business opportunities.
A Long term eBay Vet, that's been thrifting for almost 15 years. Knows everything there is on eBay from A-Z.
Our group's in house botter who runs ACO’s for everything that you need. Specializes in reselling sports cards and helping people get into botting.
Our community dev who helps create tools for members so they can have an easier time reselling and saving money.
Our exclusive in-house deal provider who provides deals that can make and save you money. She also offers custom research on any product.
Has been in the reselling business for over ten years and focuses on flips within the collectibles and pop culture industry.
Our main Amazon FBA support, who has been selling on amazon since 2013. Providing curated leads just for our group.
One of our group’s FBA providers who helps answer any question from A-Z about Amazon FBA.
A professional Tax Advisor who has been a part of the Cosmic family since 2021.
Another in-house Tax Advisor who has been part of the community since 2021. Providing support with all your tax needs.
Ace Love
Our group's ticket flipping expert that provides leads and supports with reselling tickets.
Cosmic’s exclusive low-key flips provider that helps find daily leads that you can sell for a profit that barely any other people know about.
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